lim: Disembodied

For lim improvised music is at the very centre. As a concept, we have turned it around for over fifteen years, trying to understand what it is and what we want it to be. On Disembodied, our fourth full length album and the first with Samuel Hällkvist as an ordinary member, we attempt to expand the musical forms and look beyond jazz' traditional solo forms, among other things. The long structures are allowed to develop over time and we, as a group, have taken one step further.

Henrik Frisk - tenor saxophone
Samuel Hällkvist - electric guitar
David Carlsson - electric bass
Peter Nilsson - drums

Original compositions

KOPACD 047169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Disembodied Violence 
2. The Nomad
3. The Horrible Being 
4. Månens gråa ögon 

All tracks by Henrik Frisk. Recorded by David Carlsson at Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden on January 15-17 2015. Mixed and mastered by David Carlsson at Château Burlesque, Malmö. Produced by lim. 

Review qoutes:

"The opening track, Disembodied Violence, is anything but violent, yet still has a dark, yet relaxed undercurrent. On The Nomad, the quartet again plays a laid back yet brooding proglike song with some sly and oddly Frippish sustained guitar in the distance. The last
piece is long, solemn in places and evolves slowly and feels like a dream unfolding. Towards the last section, the guitar takes a slow yet effective solo, making each note count. What I like about this disc is that, it is not about soloing but creating and extending certain moods. Not listening closely yet still evoking those righteous, restless spirits. 
- Bruce Lee Gallanter / Downtown Music Gallery, NYC