New CD with Viva Black feat. Gretli & Heidi!

Kopasetic just releasef the CD Mal Sirene with Viva Black feat. Gretli & Heidi!

Viva Black: Filip Augustson-double bass, Eva Lindal-violin, Christopher Cantillo-drums

Gretli & Heidi: Catharina Backman, Carin Blom-glass harp, glass bells and bowles, bottles, voice

"The wooden’s warm and softly singing timbre, together with the wining, cool and shiny sound of glass… It’s gotta sound delightful! When I for the first time heard the fantastic sisters Gretli & Heidi perform, I immediately envisioned a project putting them together with my trio Viva Black. Then in the fall of 2015 it began to take shapewhen Catharina Backman, Carin Blom, Peter Danemo and I started to write material for this ensemble, which premiered in the old reactor Reaktorhallen R1 at the Royal Technical University in Stockholm. I am very excited that this music is now to be released on this album ”Mal Sirine”. And doesn’t it sound delightful - sounds never previously conceived will be assured when glass harp, bottles, bowls and plates resonate together with violin, the bass and drums. The sisters had just spent a week in the Swiss Alps at a yodelling retreat, so some yodelling is promised as well." - Filip Augustson, bassist of Viva Black

Viva Black have previously released two albums, the self titled Viva Black in 2015, and in 2016 Minsta gemensamma nämnaren, which both received warm appraisal for their genre breaking diversity. It has been described as music which goes beyond the boundaries of Jazz, Classical and Folk music, a blending of idioms where something other takes shape in the encounter.

Gretli & Heidi, otherwise known as the composers and musicians Carin Blom and Catharina Backman, have played together for over 25 years. They perform on glass, bowls, and bottles as well as tonally making use of their voices. They have as a group released one album, performed in concert houses with for example the Stockholm Radio Symphony Orchestra, as well as played variety shows and even the circus.