New project with Loïc Dequidt Quartet and wind quintet

"Loïc Dequidt Ensemble - Nuances" is a meeting between Loïc Dequidt Quartet and a 'classical' wind quintet.

The format of the ensemble offers many possibilities and unfolds the composer's various influences and passions; harmony of the 1900s, free, modal and tonal improvisation, lyricism, abstractions, swing, jazz, Indian rhythms and memories from Yemen, Morocco and Ethiopia.

The project is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council in collaboration with Musik i Syd.

Loïc Dequidt Ensemble will tour in the autumn this year with concerts in Malmö and Stockholm etc.

The musicians:
Katlijn Sergeant (B) - flute
Théophile Hartz (F) - oboe
Johnny Teyssier (USA) - clarinet
Virginia Simón (E) - French horn
Katelin Coleman (CA) - bassoon
Staffan Svensson (S) - trumpet
Mattias Hjorth (S) - double bass
Peter Nilsson (S) - drums
Loïc Dequidt (F/S) - piano and composition