Tolvan Big Band: Effortlessly

Helge Albin's refined compositions and superb orchestration with ever new directions and unconventional musical solutions, apparently written and performed effortlessly - creating a special atmosphere and energetic music. Tolvan Big Band is a vibrant source of energy with a whole bunch of great soloists in the band.

Saxophones & woodwinds
Helge Albin  - alto saxophone, flute, musical director
Ulf Holmström - alto saxophone, alto flute, clarinet
Inge Petersson -  tenor saxophone, clarinet
Cennet Jönsson - soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Bernt Sjunnesson -  baritone saxophone, flute

Trumpets & flugelhorns
Anders Gustafsson (1,2,3,7)/Hans Dyvik (4,5,6)
Christer Gustafsson (4,5,6)/Tobias Wiklund (1,2,3,7)
Roy Wall
Fredrik Davidsson
Gerard Presencer

Vincent Nilsson  (alto trombone on 2)
Olle Tull (4,5,6)/Kim Aagaard (1,2,3,7)
Ola Åkerman
Ola Nordqvist
Björn Hängsel - bass trombone

Rhythm section
Jørgen Emborg - piano
Patrik Albin - double bass
Lennart Gruvstedt - drums

Big Band
Subtle sounds
Helge's world

KOPACD 041169 SEK / 18 EUR

1. Get Up! (Don't Hit The Snooze Button!)   
2. Bluesy Minor                                                 
3. Shortcuts                                                      
4. Effortlessly                                                    
5. Stillness In Motion                                          
6. Find Your Way Out                                        
7. Con Brio                                                                                                                                                

All compositions and arrangements by Helge Albin

Made with support from the Swedish Arts Council
Recorded at STC Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
on February 16-17 and April 27-28, 2013
Recording engineer: Bjarne Hansen
Assistants & ProTools pilots: Theodor C Brøndum & Chris Kreutzfeldt
Mixed & pre-mastered by Bjarne Hansen
Produced by Helge Albin
Photo by Lars Strandberg
Layout by Napondesign


Review quotes:

"...Effortlessly is the second album dedicated to Albin's refined compositions and sophisticated orchestration after "Tolvan Plays The Music of Helge Albin". Albin makes full use of the vibrant energy of this 18-piece big band and its talented soloists. His compositions, all rooted in the jazz legacy, employ infinite possibilities for abstraction of the strong themes, introducing fresh dynamics and colors. All are performed with light, joyful elegance.

Two compositions stand out as the most impressive. On both only one soloist is featured and the energy of the big band is restrained. The first, "Stillness in Motion," featuring soprano saxophonist Cennet Jönsson as the main soloist, contrasts between his lush and gentle telling of the melodic theme, as a kind of nuanced story full of twists and suspense, with the muscular sound of the big band. The second, the serene "Con Brio," features pianist Jorgen Emborg as the main soloist, and weaves a fragile interplay between Emborg's beautiful variations of the melody and the subdued answers of the brass and woodwind sections.

Impressive display of the big band art."
-  Eyal Hareuveni/All About Jazz