Anders Nilsson

Guitarist and composer Anders Nilsson grew up in Eslöv, Sweden and early on joined a rockband. Following Jazz studies at Malmö Academy Of Music and various work as a musician mainly in the Malmö area (with Notone and others) he moved to New York City in the year 2000. In New York he is associated with the free jazz scene and other subscenes having worked with Kermit Driscoll, Sabir Mateen, Ken Filiano, Michael Evans, Raoul Björkenheim, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Eugene Chadbourne, Ras Moshe, Daniel Carter, Matt Lavelle, Angelblood, Tom Bruno, Paquito D'Rivera, Fay Victor Ensemble and many others. He has also composed film music, collaborated with dancer/choreographer Akira Kasai on "Butoh America", written guitar music for the experimental theatre play "Husbands" and at times is seen with Sebastian Schunke´s Orchestra (Berlin) or playing solo.

Blood  is the first record under his own name. He says of it: “The members of this band have all played together in various contexts for many years, so there´s a rich language, a strong musical identity and a creative artistic attitude among the four of us. This makes for our music being strong and dynamic, having lots of room for stilistic crossings and interesting musical ideas with all kinds of overtones. We improvise a lot together and employ our whole spectrum when we make music.”

Selected recordings:

Artist/Group     Title                     Year    Label
Anders Nilsson AORTA Ensemble 2009 Kopasetic
Fay Victor Ensemble Freesong Suite 2009 Greene Ave
Talibam! Boogie in the Breeze Blocks 2009  ESP
Sebastian Schunke feat. Paquito D´Rivera Back in New York 2008 Connector
Fulminate Trio Fulminate Trio 2008 Generate
Angelblood Mambo Mange 2007 Locust95
KOPAfestival 2006 KOPAlectric 2007 Kopasetic


Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts 2007 azuldiscografica

Fay Victor Ensemble           

Cartwheels through the cosmos                 2006 Artist Share
Tom Bruno & Anders Nilsson In The Ozone 2005 Bootleg #1
AORTA Janus 2005 Kopasetic


Blood 2004 Kopasetic

Sebastian Schunke's
orchestral expression

Mouvement 2004 Timba Rec
Matt Lavelle Trumpet rising
Bass-clarinet moon
2004 577 Rec

Voices about Anders Nilsson:

"Nilsson's shimmering axe evokes a dimensional warp" 
- Signal to Noise, March 2005

"Nilsson has a very personal style and a guitar tone unlike any American jazz player I can think of." - Jochem van Dijk/All About Jazz

"Nilsson, that most uncliched of guitarists" - Bill Milkowski

"Guitarist Anders Nilsson is a real find, using his generally tart electric tone to deliver an encyclopedic mélange of rock-heavy power chords, advanced harmonies, bluesy bends and bebop lines that’s its own mix of "Blood" Ulmer, Sonny Sharrock, early -‘70s Larry Coryell and a very skewed Wes Montgomery." - John Kelman

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Anders Nilsson  Photo: Scott Friedlander
Anders Nilsson 
Photo: Scott Friedlander