Justin Quinn

Born 1978 in New York, but largely based in Britain, Justin began his professional guitar playing career in his late teens sitting in on his father's gigs in New York and has been establishing an ever increasing reputation on both sides of the Atlantic ever since, working with the likes of: Kenny Wollesen, Kermit Driscoll, Martin France, Gerard Presencer, Hector Martignon, Jeff Ballard, Curtis Fowlkes, Simon H. Fell, Mark Sanders, and Alex Ward. He is also a member of the F-ire collective. Along with his own group Bakehouse Justin also leads classical Indian trio Padhanisa, with Jonathan Mayer and Neil Craig, and has recently formed Punchcutter a new trio with New York musicians Kenny Wollesen and Kermit Driscoll.

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Justin Quinn is a member of the Stroman/Jönsson Project and performs on the CD »Project 2».


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Justin Quinn, guitarist in Stroman/Jönsson Project
Justin Quinn, guitarist in Stroman/Jönsson Project