Maggi Olin

Pianist and composer currently living in Malmö, Sweden. She is, together with saxophonist Cennet Jönsson, co-leading  the Relay Orchestra and with singer Sofia Feuer leading the group Eliveation. Maggi also has here own group Maggi Olin Band with several international tours and CD-releases.

Selected recordings:

Artist/Group Title Year Label
David's Angels Substar 2010 Kopasetic
Eliveation Eliveator 2007  Kopasetic
Maggi Olin & Cennet Jönsson Relay 2007 Kopasetic
Nordic Connect Flurry 2007 Artist Share
Maggi Olin Band Le Specialité 2005 Prophone
Maggi Olin Band Live at Fasching 2001 Prophone
Maggi Olin Band Dreams 1999 Prophone
Maggi Olin Band Landofme 1996 Prophone

For more info see Maggi Olin's  website.

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Maggi Olin  Photo: Martin Bogren
Maggi Olin 
Photo: Martin Bogren