Eliveation: Eliveator


Maggi Olin, piano
Sofia Feuer, voice
Samuel Hällkvist, guitar
Mattas Hjorth, bass
Jonas Johansen, drums

Maggi Olin and Sofia Feuer started this band in 2004, after Sofia had played with Maggi Olin, Ingrid Jensen & co at Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Sofia started writing lyrics to Maggi’s music. This cooperation has now developed into Sofia also writing the music, or parts of it. “Eliveator” is the result of this rather new project, and the band is just now starting to make themselves visible on the Swedish and Danish jazz scenes. The band is a mix of younger/new and more experienced, established musicians.

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KOPACD 019169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Travel Fever (music: Olin, text: Feuer)
2. In Peace (music: Olin, text: Feuer)
3. In the Red (music: Olin, text: Feuer)
4. Breathe (music:Olin)
5. Shallow (music: Olin, text: Feuer)
6. The Perfect Guy (Olin/Feuer, text: Feuer)
7. 7 Years in Tibet (music/text: Feuer)
A Kiss and a Smile (Olin/Feuer, text: Feuer)
9. Falling from Grace (music: Olin, text: Feuer)
10. Grow (music: Olin, text: Feuer)

Recorded in January 25, 2006 at SAMI studios in Stockholm by Göran Stegborn and at Gula Studion in Malmö in March 18, 2007 by David Carlsson. Mixed, mastered and produced by David Carlsson.


Review quotes: 

" ..singer Sofia Feuer has impec­cable intonation and a very good feel for phrasing. .. the music as a whole has a Return to Forever-Brazilian sensibility for much of the program. There is also a slight Pop influence. Pianist Maggi Olin has a penchant for lusher voicings and she can be more driving when called for. The rhythm section is loose or tight as needed and idiomatic to the styles invoked. Guitarist Samuel Hallkvist has a slightly more elec­tric, Rock influenced edge...The songs, especially those with music by Maggi Olin, are lyrical, sophisticated, and memorable. “In Peace,” for example, is taken at a swinging mid-up tempo and vocals are cosmopolitan and appealing supported with lush piano voicings. “In the Red” presents a lyrical, balladic mood with angelic singing and ultimately an effective Jazz-Rock guitar solo overtop a McCoy-Elvin slow swing feel.  Eliveation gives you a set that is alternatingly pretty and then comes through with some grit. The Rock-Pop influence does not overwhelm the aesthetic integrity and skillful musicianship so evi­dent on these tracks. This to me is one of those groups that could be successful yet also worthy from an “art” perspective. I look for­ward to hearing more from them. I think you’ll enjoy this one if you like the tunefulness combined with the drive of those early Return to Forever albums." - Grego Applegate Edwards/Cadence Magazine


Eliveation  Photo: Tess Feuer
Photo: Tess Feuer