Krister Jonsson

Krister Jonsson, guitar

Born in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1971. Educated at Skurups and Fridhems Folkhögskola and at the New School in New York, US. Resident in Malmö, Sweden

Krister Jonsson has for a long time been one of the most respected and coveted musicians from Malmö and has been highly commended by critics, audience and musicians all over Scandinavia. His variying and expressive guitar playing can been heard in Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, Cennet Jönsson Quartet, Linda Pettersson Bratt/Krister Jonsson Duo and Peter Danemo Kapell etc. He has recorded two albums with his own group Krister Jonsson Trio, featuring cellist Svante Henryson on the most recent one. 

Krister has also performed with Miroslav Vitous, Dave Liebman, Marilyn Mazur, Trine-Lise Vaering, Jim Black, Rigmor Gustavsson, Anders Bergcrantz, Audun Kleive etc.

Voices about Krister Jonsson:

"Krister Jonsson's compositions are subtle and open. All complete patterns are thrown in the wastebasket, welcome to the freedom! It¹s difficult to have a personal sound on the guitar... but Krister Jonsson succeeds in being himself. " Sven Gustafsson, Gränslöst

"Particularly cunning and rather original variants where the New York-trained Jonsson appeared as a cousin to Bill Frisell and a distant relative to Marc Ribot: country-touch, volume pedal, blues and rock, fast turns between heaven and hell, a lot of humour and a balanced excitement. But is it really legal to use the slide on a jazz festival?" Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Selected recordings

Artist/Group Title Year Label
Cennet Jönsson Quartet Antelope Dance 2008 Kopasetic
Pettersson Bratt/Jonsson Some really nice songs... 2007 Kopasetic
KOPAfestival 2006, vol2 KOPAlectric 2007 Kopasetic
KOPAfestival 2006, vol1 KOPAcoustic 2007 Kopasetic
Haugaard/Mogensen  Spirits 2005  GO
KJ Trio + Svante Henryson Waiting for Atonesjka 2004 Kopasetic
Mattias Carlson Presentation 2003 Blue Beat
Cennet Jönsson Quartet Jazzman 2003 Kopasetic
Fredrik Lundin Overdrive Choose your boots 2001 Stunt
Fredrik Carlquist Opposite 2001 Dragon
Peter Danemo Kapell Alive 2000 Dragon
Krister Jonsson Trio I`ll stay out here and ... 1999 LJ
Fredrik Carlquist It`s about time... 1998 Dragon
Lundin / Danemo Quartet Music for dancers and ... 1997 Stunt


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Krister Jonsson  Photo: Ninja Agborn
Krister Jonsson 
Photo: Ninja Agborn