Krister Jonsson Trio + Svante Henryson: Waiting for Atonesjka

Krister Jonsson Trio is back, this time augmented by cello great Svante Henryson. The rest of the lineup is as follows;

Krister Jonsson - Guitar, Nils Davidsen - Bass and Peter Danemo - Drums

Free form
Power ballad
Krister Jonsson

KOPACD 004169 SEK / 18 EUR


1.  voices
2.  om kor
3.  shotma
4.  jog
5.  insomniac
6.  waiting
7.  and suddenly
8.  slap
9.  do we
10. confession
11. plaster
12. varsågod

All compositions by Krister Jonsson except »jog» by Svante Henryson.

Review quotes:

"..guitarist Krister Jonsson, a whiz at creating soundscapes that focus on the rock side of jazz, often favoring a distorted tone amidst solo fluidity. Though he is quite skilled technically, the music isn’t simply of the “look at me..check out how many notes I can play in a bar” variety.  Rather, his versatility is an asset."
- Jay Collins/One final note

”The music is rolling ahead where all the small sounds and nuances are of the utmost significance. Krister Jonsson’s guitar and Svante Henryson’s cello have the same respect for the possibilities of the notes and they fit together excellently. On the CD we’re hearing a beautifully painted music that has developed its language from many different dialects, jazz being one of them.”
– Torsten Eckerman/Jazzlife

”The tunes have both similarities and differences– in the fine ballad Om kor Krister is playing the tune strictly with a dark and beautiful sound and Svante is creating very realistic sound effects as a background, while you can sense gunfire behind the ”tormented” melody in Shotma." In Waiting both Krister and Svante are playing near divinely beautiful.”
- Henry Lövbom/Västerbottens Folkblad

“Waiting for Atonesjka feels both sharply unique and broad, and varies between a powerful approach and mild strokes. A fascinating journey!”
Alexander Agrell/Sydsvenskan

“..a feeling of liberation, like the opening of a thousand gates and infinite open spaces appear around the ears. Entirely wonderful!”
– Knut Johansson/Helsingborgs Dagblad

"Das Krister Jonsson Trio, ergänzt um den bereits legendären Cellisten Svante Henryson, legte hier jüngst das großartige Album "Waiting for Atonesjka" vor. In der Musik des Krister Jonsson Trios zeigt sich die Power einer Rockband und der musikalische Gehalt einer erstklassigen, gut ausgebildeten Jazz-Funk-Besetzung. Auf diesen Energiefluss haben wir lange gewartet!"
Carina Prange /Jazzdimensions

Svante Henrysson, cello with Krister Jonsson Trio  Photo: Ninja Agborn
Svante Henrysson, cello with Krister Jonsson Trio 
Photo: Ninja Agborn