Linda Pettersson Bratt/Krister Jonsson: Some really nice songs we really like

Linda Pettersson Bratt - voice
Krister Jonsson - guitar

Linda Pettersson Bratt and Krister Jonsson have been working as a duo for a couple of years. The combination of Linda’s warm, irresistible voice and Krister’s challenging guitar is an experience that for a couple of years has been limited to concert halls. Taking on jazz standards and traditional Swedish songs with an inviting and respectfully playful attitude has touched experienced jazz listeners as well as newbies to the genre. The constant recurring question after each performance – “Do you have a CD out?” – can finally be answered with a big “Yes!”


KOPACD 018169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. My Romance  -Rodgers/Hart  *                
2. Ingenting Mer (For My Lady)  -Thielemans/Widmark   * 
3. Let There Be Love  -Bernstein/Shapiro  **          
4. Bridges  -Nascimento/Brandt  **    
5. It Could Happen To You  -Van Heusen/Burke   **         
6. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa  -Trad. Arr. ** 
7. Answer Me My Love (Mutterlein)  -Winkler/Sigman  **      
8. On A Clear Day   -Lane/Lerner  *          
9. That's All  -Haymes/Brandt   *       
10. Smile -Chaplin/Parsons/Turner   **
11. Snart Stiger Solen  - Adolphson  **

*  Recorded at Tune Studios, Malmö, Sweden June 5, 2007 by Lave Lindholm
** Recorded with a live audience at Restaurant Amore, Malmö June 6, 2007 by Jonas Reingold. 
Mixed och mastered by Lave Lindholm at Tune Studios

Review Quotes:

"Bratt has a calm voice and a careful delivery; she draws some inspiration from pop models as well as Jazz ones, and the result is thoroughly pleasant. Her Swedish songs sound beautiful in a somber folk way. Jonsson’s tone is lovely (well-captured by the recording), his pace through his solos measured without being stiff. And he is all the accompanist anyone needs."
- Michael Steinman/Cadence Magazine