Mattias Hjorth

Mattias Hjorth, double bass

Born in 1969 in Gothenburg, resident in Dalby.
Educated at Skurup's Folkhögskola and at Malmö Academy of Music.

Mattias' melodic and sensitive playing is featured in several groups, such as Cennet Jönsson Quartet, Plunge, Loïc Dequidt Trio, Triple Bass Fantasy, Eliveation and Footloose. He has worked with many renowned musicians, such as Bobo Stenson, Dave Liebman, Tommy Smith, Lotte Anker, Lennart Åberg, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Lina Nyberg and Peter Danemo.

Mattias is also a highly regarded improvisation and ensemble teacher at Malmö Academy of Music and at Fridhem's Folkhögskola in Svalöv.

Selected recordings:
Artist/Group Title Year Label
Triple Bass Fantasy A Secret Sign 2010 Kopasetic
Plunge with Bobo Stenson Origo 2009 Kopasetic
Loïc Dequidt Quartet Nomade 2008 Kopasetic
Cennet Jönsson Quartet Antelope Dance 2008  Kopasetic
Eliveation  Eliveator 2007  Kopasetic
KOPAfestival 2006, Vol.1 KOPAcoustic 2007 Kopasetic
Plunge Refreshingly Addictive 2007 Kopasetic
Loïc Dequidt Trio Layers 2006 Kopasetic
Plunge With Bobo Stenson 2005  Kopasetic
Footloose Imprints 2005 Kopasetic
Plunge Plunge 2004 Kopasetic
Cennet Jönsson Quartet Jazzman 2003 Kopasetic
Mattias Carlson Quartet  Presentation 2003 Blue Beat
Jan Lundgren Trio Something To Live For    1999 Sittel
Sofia Pettersson Quintet Oasis  1998 Sittel
Johan Leijonhufvud Quartet Happy Farm  1996 Sittel

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Mattias Hjorth  Photo: Mats Persson
Mattias Hjorth 
Photo: Mats Persson