The trio Footloose  was formed in 2003 and includes:

Footloose focuses on free improvised music, encouraging an open mind and a curious attitude. The group's expressions and sounds are original and innovative, and there is a wide dynamic range in spite of the small format. The music explores a broad spectrum of intensity and textures, ranging from meditative soundscapes via melodic interplay to condensed sound eruptions, always executed with serenity and reflection that makes this music live and breathe.

The cd-debut   "Imprints"  is out now!

A few favourite guest musicians have on special ocations been featured with the group, such as the great saxophonists Lotte Anker (DK) and Andreas Andersson (SE) - on the CD KOPAcoustic  - and Claudio Fasoli (IT).

Footloose featuring Italian saxophone star Claudio Fasoli at the KOPAfestival 2008.