Triple Bass Fantasy: A Secret Sign

A Secret Sign is the first CD by Triple Bass Fantasy. The record consists of newly composed original music by Cennet Jönsson and free improvisations in a wild and unblushing mix performed by an unorthodox quintet

Triple Bass Fantasy is:

Cennet Jönsson - soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Mattias Hjorth - double bass
Hans Andersson - double bass
Johnny Åman - double bass
Lisbeth Diers - drums, percussion, voice

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Check out animated movie Base Three on Youtube!

Hip grooves
Original music
Strong melodies
Free impro

KOPACD 028169 SEK / 18 EUR


1.  Base Three    
2.  Afro Jive         
3.  Six Days          
4.  Forever More   
5.  First Run         
6.  Impro: Aero      
7.  Nice Stew       
8.  A Secret Sign   
9.  Impro: Love      
10. Late Call        
11. Impro: Still      
12. Now And Then 
13. In Heaven         

All compositions by Cennet Jönsson except 6, 9 & 11 by Cennet Jönsson & Lisbeth Diers. Hjorth can be heard in the left channel, Andersson in the middle and Åman in the right channel. 
Recorded on April 26 and May 22, 2009 in Gula Studion in Malmö, Sweden by David Carlsson. Mixad and mastered by David Carlsson at Chateau Burlesque, Malmö. CD master by StageTech, Limhamn. Cover design and photos by Nanja Pontoppidan. Produced by Cennet Jönsson & Lisbeth Diers.

Review quotes:

"A Secret Sign is by a quintet with the unusual lineup of sax, drums and three basses playing simultaneously. The bassists mesh well together, sometimes all plucking in unison and other times doing a combination of arco and pizzicato playing. The music is very rhythmic with all sorts of African, Caribbean and Eastern influences poking out. Saxophonist Cennet Jonsson wrote all the compositions here and he has his saxophones and bass clarinet riding gently over a thick carpet of strummed strings on “Six Days” and “First Run.” He plays lilting tenor on the exotic Arabian melody of “A Secret Sign” and plays soulful bass clarinet on the sinuous “Late Call” and the solemn “Forever More.” Lisbeth Diers plays sensitive hand and trap percussion underneath it all and sings wordlessly on occasion along with the rising and falling melodies. Unconventional as it is this band works fine."
-  Jerome Wilson/Cadence Magazine (US)

"The music is melodic.  Jönsson attacks his saxes with a lyrical elegance and richness for nuances. The bassists play both rhythmically and serially, all the time with a pregnant elegance and Diers is as strikingly imaginative as always. The improvisations are very free, but they develop in nice concord. This is deeply original music."
5  - Magnus Eriksson/Svenska Dagbladet

Triple Bass Fantasy, live på Mejeriet i Lund under KOPAfestival 2008  Foto: Lasse Seger
Triple Bass Fantasy, live på Mejeriet i Lund under KOPAfestival 2008 
Foto: Lasse Seger