Loïc Dequidt Trio: Layers

Loïc Dequidt Trio is:

Loïc Dequidt - piano
Mattias Hjorth - bass
PA Tollbom - drums

'Layers' is Loïc Dequidt's first album as a leader. The record consists entirely of original music, except for one traditional tune from Yemen arranged by LD - jazz with a French flavour in a Swedish environment,   and a few made up rhythms...

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Swedish air

KOPACD 011169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. L’herbe rouge I
2. Gnossopédie
3. Liten visa till Sophia
4. L’herbe rouge II
5. Elégie
6. Al Yaman suite
7. L’herbe rouge III
8. Valse
9. Ilama iIama
10. 3 sur 5
11. Valse triste

All compositions by Loïc Dequidt, except for ‘Ilama ilama' which is a folk tune from Yemen arranged by LD.

Recorded February  23, 2006 at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsinborg by Christian Odeholm. Mixed and mastered in August by Peter Wallevik.

Review Quotes:

"...Dequidt's debut is a strong and innovative performance in good style and with an exciting variation." 
 - Göran A Nilsson/Sydsvenskan

"The touch is light and harmonically advanced.  This is music to let yourself be swept away with,  just enter and feel how the music is growing and pulsating."
- Tor-Björn Lyrhed/Linköpings-Posten



Loïc Dequidt  Foto: Nicola Fasano
Loïc Dequidt 
Foto: Nicola Fasano