Cennet Jönsson

Cennet Jönsson - soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, composer

- born in 1956
- educated at the Music Conservatory in Malmö, Sweden
- resident in Lund, Sweden

- leader of Cennet Jönsson Quartet and Triple Bass Fantasy

- co-leader with Maggi Olin of the nonet Relay Orchestra and with Scott Stroman of the International sextet Stroman/Jönsson Project

- performs in Meloscope, Tolvan Big Band, Double Standards, Mats Holtne Trio Operajazz and in Cenlistho; a newly formed Scandinavian trio with basist Thommy Andersson and percussionist Lisbeth Diers

- has performed and recorded with Billy Cobham in the group North by Northwest with tours in 15 European countries, and with such greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Michael Brecker, Dave Liebman, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Daniel Humair, Kenny Werner, Dean Brown, Gary Husband, Stan Sulzmann, Palle Mikkelborg, Nikki Iles, Lelo Nika, Niels Henning Örsted-Pedersen, Lena Willemark and many Scandinavian artists.

In 2004 Cennet Jönsson composed Rain Music –  a big piece for saxophone, string quartet, brass trio and jazz ensemble - commissioned by  the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Here's some other big pieces composed by Cennet:

  • Tarantula Suite (09') for big band, 1st performance by Tolvan Big Band at Victoriatetern in Malmö, Sweden on April 14 in 2009

  • Relay (06') for nonet, a collaboration with pianist Maggi Olin

  • Scanian Suite (99') for jazz quartet and string orchestra, a collaboration with Mats Rondin and the Huaröd Chamber Orchestra

  • Brass and Rhythm (98') co-lead with drummer and composer  Peter Danemo

  • Ten Pieces (-94) for a ten-piece band, commissioned by the Lund International Jazzfestival

Cennet Jönsson was voted "the best jazz-composer of the year" by the Swedish National Radio in 2007.

Cennet is also one of the leading educators in Sweden. He is specialised in saxophone/ bass clarinet, improvisation and combos and he has had a number of  International  teaching assignments all over the world in countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, England, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Senegal, South Africa, Mozambique, China, Uruguay, USA and Australia. Cennet has been a reprensentative for the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) for many years. He is currently teaching on a regular basis in the Malmö Conservatory and at the Fridhem Music School in Sweden.

Selected recordings:



Artist/Group Title Year Label
Tolvan Big Band Tarantula Suite 2011 Kopasetic
Cenlistho Rorschach 2011 Kopasetic
Stroman/Jönsson Project 2                                         2010 Kopasetic
Meloscope Through The Looking Glass 2010 Kopasetic
Triple Bass Fantasy A Secret Sign 2010 Kopasetic
Lisbeth Diers                        Chime Transform 2009 Spicy Tuna
Mats Rondin, Mike Stern, a.o. Isidor 2009 Prophone
Anders Nilsson AORTA Ensemble 2009 Kopasetic
Meloscope Deluxe 2008 Kopasetic
Double Standards Live! 2008 Kopasetic
Cennet Jönsson Quartet Antelope Dance 2008 Kopasetic
Olin & Jönsson Relay 2007   Kopasetic
Tolvan Big Band Code Red 2007 Prophone
KOPAfestival 2006, vol1 KOPAcoustic 2007 Kopasetic
Meloscope Re:Someone Lost 2007 Kopasetic
Double Standards Volume Two 2006 Kopasetic
Double Standards Volume One 2005 Kopasetic
Cennet Jönsson Quartet  Jazzman 2003 Kopasetic
Tolvan Big Band A walk in the Centerpoint 2003 Prophone
North by NorthWest  Billy Cobham presents… 2001 Nicolesi Prod.
The Crossover Ensemble Helios Suite 2000 DaCapo
Peter Danemo Kapell Alive 2000 Dragon
Stroman/Jönsson Project 1 1997 33records
Jönsson/Karlzon Duo   Between the Noise 1997 dB-Prod.
Cennet Jönsson Ten Pieces 1996 Phono Suecia

Voices about Cennet Jönsson:


"Cennet is a mature musical thinker, writer and player and he has come up with captivating creative vehicles."
- Michael Brecker

"Cennet makes the soprano saxophone sing. He is one of a few artists worldwide who are elevating the soprano to a higher level than previously."
- David Liebman


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Cennet Jönsson at KOPAfestival 2006  Photo: Mats Persson
Cennet Jönsson at KOPAfestival 2006 
Photo: Mats Persson