Lisbeth Diers: Chime Transform

”Chime Transform” is Lisbeth Diers´s newest CD. A journey in contrasts, where floating surfaces of ice are surrounding earthy compositions full of life. The idea for ”Chime Transform” came out of working with ice instruments during Lisbeth's trip to Kiruna in the arctic part of Sweden in 2006. The instruments are constructed by the Swedish artist Tjåsa Gusfors. The recordings from Kiruna are the basis for the compositions
on this CD.

”Chime Transform” moves from intense duos and trios to, with the help of a unique world of sounds, a build-up to the full sextet-format. Vivid, intimate and spherical music.

Lisbeth Diers -  ice instruments, percussion, drums, voice
Ståle Storløkken - piano, keyboard
Gunnar Halle - trumpet
Philip Sandholt  - french horn
Cennet Jönsson - bass clarinet
Soma Allpass - cello

These are the words from Swedish saxophonist great Joakim Milder about "Chime Transform":

"I wouldn’t call the music of Lisbeth Diers modern, because anything modern will eventually become old. This music is timeless, it’s like it’s always existed, and always will be around. Timeless, but also with a strong sense of time. Not in the sense of statically stating a pulse, but rather being moved by a strong sense of flow.

Playing with Lisbeth is to be constantly enlightened, and reminded of what’s essential. She’s bringing real life to every situation. Lisbeth is very aware of the glorious capacities of the musicians performing on ”Chime Transform”, and the confidence she shows each of them is returned with a playing in total absence of egocentrism.

Every sound is directed to the common core of this music. One could easily get seduced by the fantastic sound of every instrument in this recording, born out of frozen water, brass, wood or electricity. But the beauty of the sound is never an end in itself, these lovely sounds are voices that communicate with distinct focus.

This recording is a powerful and much needed reminder of why communicating through music is such an essential part of humanity."

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STR 002169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Ice X
2. Part One
3. Recall
4. Rhythm Bum
5. Menihijahada
6. Lunar Year
7. Abmiram 1
8. Abmiram 2
9. Abmiram 3
10. Dubium
11. Ice Udu
12. Marimba Piece
13. Menihijahada People
14. Little Marimba

All compositions by Lisbeth Diers.

The ice instruments are recorded at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden by Samljus in 2006. The rest of the music recorded at Ståle's Room, Trondheim, Norway by Ståle Storløkken in 2006-2007, in Gunnar's Room, Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway by Gunnar Halle in 2007-2008, at Karmacrew, Copenhagen by John Fosmsgaard in 2008 and at Diamond Studio, Copenhagen by Thommy Andersson in 2009. Mixed by Johannes Lundberg, David Carlsson and Lisbeth Diers. Mastered by David Carlsson at Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden. Cover design by Nanja Pontoppidan. Produced by Lisbeth Diers.