Tolvan Big Band: Tarantula Suite

Tarantula Suite, by Cennet Jönsson, is in eight movements and includes minimalistic pieces and mystical sounds as well as afro-balkan-grooves in 23/8 and much more....

Woodwinds: Helge Albin - alto saxophone, flute, artistic director, Ulf Holmström - alto saxophone, alto flute, Inge Petersson -  tenor saophone, bass clarinet, Cennet Jönsson - soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Bernt Sjunnesson - baritone saxophone,  flute

Trumpets & flugelhorns:  Anders Gustafsson, Christer Gustafsson, Thomas Kjergaard, Fredrik Davidsson, Gerard Presencer

Trombones: Vincent Nilsson, Petter Hängsel/Olle Tull, Ola Åkerman, Ola Nordqvist/Kim Aagaard
Björn Hängsel - bass trombone, tuba

Rhythm section:
Jørgen Emborg - piano, keyboard
Patrik Albin - double bass
Lennart Gruvstedt - drums


KOPACD 037169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Potenza 
2. Pazienza 
3. Misterioso
4. Luce
5. Forza 
6. Silenzio
7. Confusione
8. Speranza

All compositions and arrangements by Cennet Jönsson.

Recorded on February 11-12, 2011 in STC Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark by Bjarne Hansen. Assistant engineers Andreas Hviid & Mads Mølgaard. Mixed & pre-mastered by Bjarne Hansen.  Produced by Cennet Jönsson & Helge Albin.

Review quotes:

"The Tolvan Big Band is one of Scandinavia's most experienced big bands. On Tarantula Suite, reed player Cennet Jönsson takes the leadership. Jönsson composed and arranged an impressive eight-movement suite that stresses this big band's masterful collective musicianship and warm sound. Jönsson is a versatile composer and his compositions use the group's powerhouse energy and tight interplay, and its members' broad musical knowledge. The ensemble shines on Pazienza, as also saxophonist Helge Albin sax alternates playful solos with trombonist Vincent Nilsson and drummer Lennart Gruvstedt. Jönsson's soprano solo on Misterioso is a great lesson on restrained development of a theme, until it gains greater volume and power.

Forza feature the big band in a lightly swinging mode, with bright solos from Gruvstedt, pianist Jørgen Emborg and trumpeter Gerard Presencer. On the meditative Silenzio —the suite's most beautiful movement, and one that brings to mind Charlie Haden's well-known "Silence"—Jönsson arrangement adds increasingly arresting layers over bassist Patrik Albin's emotional solo , in a manner that features the composition's sophisticated architecture and the rapport of the entire ensemble. The last movement, Speranza, features Jönsson (on soprano sax) with alto saxophonist Ulf Holmström who, together with Emborg, lead this 18-piece big band through a gentle swinging melody that highlights each section of the ensemble—woodwinds, trumpets/flugelhorns, trombones and rhythm section—and its clever interplay. "
- Eyal Hareuveni/All About Jazz