Meloscope: Through The Looking Glass

This CD was recorded in a couple of hours on a cold winters day. The idea was to record only what’s on the album and nothing more. So the CD consists of only first takes. There’s no extra takes.  

Through The Looking Glass is Meloscope's third CD. It features thirteen snapshots taken from the musical world of Meloscope consisting of both compositions and improvised pieces. The music is performed with nerve and a huge amount of communication. Svenska Dagbladets Magnus Eriksson wrote in a review of Re: Someone Lost, ”Meloscope makes time breath with there music”, a quotation that describes Meloscope's music in a very good way.  

Meloscope is:
Joakim Milder - tenor saxophone
Cennet Jönsson - soprano saxophone & bass clarinet
Christian Spering -  double bass
Peter Danemo - drums

Inner images
Unforscene occurrences

KOPACD 030169 SEK / 18 EUR


1.  Prelude     
2.  Slow Walk  
3.  Sincerus         
4.  Scene I-IV   
5.  Tweedledum And Tweedledee         
6.  Little Dreamer    
7.  Scene V     
8.  Jubjub 
9.  Portmanteau   
10. Klangspielen       
11. Galumphing      
12. Off We Go
13. Scene VI      

All music composed by Peter Danemo except 4,7,12 & 13 by Meloscope.
Recorded 2009 at SAMI Studios in Stockholm, Sweden by Göran Stegborn. Mixed by Peter Danemo. Mastered by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Studios. Produced by Peter Danemo.