David's Angels, featuring Canadian trumpet star Ingrid Jensen, tour i Sweden in April. Singer Linda Pettersson and guitarist Krister Jonsson tour the south of Sweden in June. Plunge perform at Baku Jazz Festival in Azerbaijan in October. Tolvan Big Band perform in Sweden several times during this year. 


David’s Angels perform several times in Germany and in Sweden, for instance at the Stockholm Jazzfestival, this year.Cennet Jönsson Cuban Trio play in Spain on a number of occasions. International trio Stroman/Jönsson/Mick perform in Sweden in March and in the UK in November. Tolvan Big Band tour in Vietnam in November.

KOPA releases four new albums:


David’s Angels perform in Berlin in January and tour in Canada and USA in June.  Cennet Jönsson Galiza Group play a number of times in Spain this year. The duo Operajazz play in Greifswald, Germany in May and in Sweden feuturing local choirs. Anders Nilsson's AORTA perform at Fasching ni Stockholm in April. Tolvan Big Band play a number of concerts in Sweden. The trio Cenlistho together with visual artist Nanja Pontoppidan and the Scania Wind Quintet perform at Mejeriet in Lund in November.

Entranet Festival is held in Helsingfors, Copenhagen and Lund during this year. Furthermore concerts in Malmö and Copenhagen are featured. lim, Cennet Jönsson Quartet and Andersson//Nilsson/Anderskov are the participating groups from Kopasetic.

KOPA realeses three new albums this year:


The Opposite tour in France in February. In April David's Angels participate at Jazzahead in Bremen, Germany. During this year Cennet Jönsson Galiza Group perform on several occations in Spain.  The group also play together with the OSG Jazz Band at Jazzatlantica Festival in La Coruña, Spain.

Tolvan Big Band play at Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival in August. The same month  David's Angels perform at Malmöfestivalen. Many of the groups in Kopasetic tour in Scandinavia, with concerts at jazzclubs, art exhibition halls, churches and other venues.

The duo Operajazz participate in the project Jazzify with concerts at housings for elderly people in Lund. Operajazz recieves the prestigious award  "Diplomat 2013" by Skånska Akademien.

The nordic network-organization Entranet is formed in partnership with GAC, (Gothenburg), ILK (Copenhagen) and Fiasko Records (Helsinki). Two festivals are presented in Malmö and Gotheburg in the fall. Swedish National Radio are recording the concert  in Gothenburg for later broadcasting.

KOPA realeses three new albums this year:


Many of  KOPA's groups are touring abroad and in Sweden during this year.

A unique collaboration is introduced in September between Kopasetic and Danish composer society ToneArt. Together they present a gala concert featuring the two ten-piece bands KOPAorchestra and ToneArt Decagon. They perform the newly composed music on five occations:

Beginning from November Kopasetic's productions are distributed through Plugged Music Distribution.

KOPA releases one album this year:


Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund and KOPA at Kong in Malmö continues with 6 concerts in total during the spring.

Loïc Dequidt Trio makes a tour in France in February.

The Opposite and David’s Angels perform at the Swedish Jazz Celebration in Luleå in March. The same month Plunge tours in the UK.

The Opposite tours in France in April.

In July several groups from Kopasetic perform at summer festivals in Sweden: Cennet Jönsson Quartet feat. Lelo Nika and Katapult in Lund, David's Angels in Helsingborg and LED in Malmö.

The trio Andersson/Nilsson/Anderskov performs at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

The sixth annual KOPAfestival is held on October 8-12 in Lund, Malmö & Helsingborg and presents eight different constellations. The highlight of the festival is the premier of the suite ”Five by Five” – for 5 singers, jazz quintet and church organ-by American singer and composer Scott Stroman, presented in Lund's Domkyrka. Among featured guest soloists are Lena Willemark, Cleveland Watkiss (UK), Juhani Aaltonen (FI), Staffan Svensson and Fredrik Ljungkvist.

The Oppposite does an exted Swedish tour (Pulsslag) in the end of November and is featured in the TV-show ”Jazz på nysvenska”.

All of the musicians in Kopasetic are gathered in the tentet "Pappas Skägg" and they perform in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Malmö in December. The concert in studio 7 at the Swedish Radio in Malmö is recorded and later broadcasted in National Radio.

Kopasetic releases five new albums during 2011:

  • KOPACD 034 lim with Marc Ducret with lim

  • KOPACD 035 Nat with Lundin Danemo Kvintett

  • KOPACD 036 Unite with Un-x-pected Brazilian Project

  • KOPACD 037 Tarantula Suite withTolvan Big Band

  • KOPACD 038 The Ocean with LED

    Besides this the group David's Angels releases the digital singel GO.


Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund continues during the spring. KOPA at Kong in Malmö begins with 6 concerts. Kopasetic presents concerts at Café Agueli in Stockholm and at Jazzkælderen in Copenhagen, Denmark. The fifth annual KOPAfestival is held in Malmö & Lund on October 9-12 and presents eight groups.  Among featured guest soloists are pianist star Richie Beirach (US), accordeon virtuoso Lelo Nika, Jacob Anderskov (DK), Tolvan Big Band and Brazilian musicians Marcelo Coehlo and Emilio Martins. The Swedish National Radio broadcasts two shows from the festival.

Stroman/Jönsson Project tours in the UK in January and August. The Opposite plays in Italy in August.  In October Un-x-pected Brazilian Project tours in Finland and Frisk/Beirach/Mogensen tours in Danmark and Sweden. Plunge with Bobo Stenson is featured at the Hamburger Jazztage in Germany. In November Loïc Dequidt Trio performs at the Padova Jazz Festival in Italy. Mats Holtne Trio is featured at La Plata International Jazz Festival in Argentina in November.

Loïc Dequidt Trio performs at Swedish Jazz Celebration in Stockholm in April.

The Opposite wins the Swedish Indie Award (Manifestpriset)
for best jazz album, Intertwined, of 2009.

Danish percussionist Lisbeth Diers becomes new member in Kopasetic.

Kopasetic releases five new albums during 2010:


Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund continues during spring and fall.  KOPAfestival 2009 is held in Malmö & Lund on September 30 - October  4 and presents 9 bands.  Featured guest soloists this year are Marilyn Mazur (DK), Tore Brunborg (NO), Raoul Björkenheim (FIN), Ingrid Jensen (CAN), and Swedish greats such as; Sten Sandell, Staffan Svensson, Almaz Yebio, Thommy Andersson and Fredrik Ljungkvist. The Swedish National Radio broadcasts two shows from the festival.

Plunge tours in England in May and Loïc Dequidt Trio tours in Italy in July.

Kopasetic signs a distribution contract with Naxos Sweden in November.
Kopasetic releases four new albums during 2009:


Kopasetic presents KOPAworkshop at restaurant La Couronne in Malmö during spring with eight bandleaders from Kopasetic featuring new constellations and new music at eighth different occasions. Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund continues during spring and fall. KOPAfestival 2008 is held in Malmö & Lund on October 2-4 and presents 7 bands all performing original music.  Featured guest soloists are Palle Danielsson(SE), Bobo Stenson (SE), Michael Evans (US), Ken Filiano (US), Scott Stroman (US), Zoltan Lantos (HUN). Ronan Guilfoyle (IRE), Claudio Fasoli (IT) and others. The Swedish National Radio broadcasts two shows from the festival.

The Relay Orchestra and Krister Jonsson Trio perform at the Swedish Jazz Celebration in Stockholm in April. Plunge tours in Italy in July. The Stroman/Jönsson New Project tours in the UK in October.

Kopasetic releases five new albums during 2008:

  • KOPACD 020 Antelope Dance with Cennet Jönsson Quartet

  • KOPACD 021Live! med Double Standards

  • KOPACD 022 Nomade with Loïc Dequidt Quartet

  • KOPACD 023 Deluxe with Meloscope

  • KOPACD 024 etherSound with Henrik Frisk & Peter Nilsson


Double Standards does a "Pulsslags"-tour of Sweden in February. French pianist Stefan Orin´s Trio tours Sweden as a first step in a collaboration with French musician collective/record label "Circum". Kopasetic presents "Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund" during the spring. KOPAfestival 2007 in Malmö & Lund, September 26-29, features 12 groups with International and Swedish guests such as Tommy Smith, Michael Buckley, Lisbeth Diers, Marc Ducret, Bobo Stenson, Sofia Jernberg a.o. The Swedish National Radio broadcasts 4 shows from the festival, including one European broadcast produced by EBU. Loïc Dequidt Quartet featuring Tommy Smith tours Sweden. Relay Orchestra performs at Umeå International Jazzfestival in October. Cennet Jönsson Quartet performes at Padova International Jazz Festival in Italy in November. Loïc Dequidt Trio tours France in December.

Kopasetic releases 8 new albums during 2007:



Kopasetic presents "Sunday Jazz at Lunds Konsthall" during the spring and "Sunday Jazz at Kulturen in Lund" during the fall. In March, Anders Nilsson's Aorta performs during Swedish Jazz Celebration at Nalen in Stockholm. KOPAfestival 2006 premieres in Malmö September 21 and 22 featuring 6 groups from Kopasetic and guest artists such as Dave Liebman, Marc Ducret, Lotte Anker a.o Swedish National Radio broadcasts 3 shows from the festival. In November, Plunge performs at  the Jazznojazz festival in Zürich, Switzerland.

New distribution deal for Sweden signed In October with CDA (Compact Distribution AB).

Kopasetic releases 3 new albums this year:



Kopasetic Productions launches new website. Distribution deal for Denmark and Iceland signed with Danacord Distribution.
3 CD's released at big releaseparty at Jeriko in Malmö Sept 5th.

Anders Nilsson's Aorta´s second album, "Janus" (KOPACD 008), is released on December 1st.


3 new releases:

Distribution deal for Sweden signed with FLC and for USA with North Country Distributors.


Kopasetic Productions is formed by the members of Cennet Jönsson Quartet and Plunge.

First CD released: Cennet Jönsson Quartet - »Jazzman» (KOPACD 001).

Mattias Hjorth  Photo: Mats Persson
Mattias Hjorth 
Photo: Mats Persson