Müntzing I Diers: AUDITORY (eardrum)

Lisbeth Diers (DK) drums, percussion, vibraphone, hammerspinet, objects.
Herman Müntzing (SE) flexichord (home-built string instrument), electronics, objects.
AUDITORY (eardrum) is the name of the debut release from the duo Müntzing I Diers. It is only released in the format of a vinyl EP and digital downloads. Lisbeth Diers and Herman Müntzing create an improvised universe of sounds and rhythms.
The music is created in real time and effortlessly transformed from brutally heavy grooves to soft strokes from bow on vibraphone and shimmering hammer spinet. It finally lands in a distorted electronic deep sea. Sounds blend together, changing places, transform and collide. AUDITORY (eardrum) presents a selection of improvisations, performed live in the studio. No overdubs have been added on this release and all instruments are recorded in the same room.The specific character and quality of this music derives from a vibrant unpredictability, significant of the Müntzing I Diers form of improvisation. A form of interplay that requires sensitivity, intuition, impulse and reaction from the musicians.
Lisbeth Diers is a Danish percussionist, musician, composer and artistic director of different national and international music projects. One of her significant characters is the intuitive and ever-changing way of mixing the different kinds of percussion sounds with the drum kit. She uses all kinds of acoustic instruments and objects, placing them on the drums that enable a great variety of dynamic and sonic nuances. On this release Diers is also playing the hammer spinet on the track: ”Øremuslingens ballet”.
Herman Müntzing has treated and mistreated acoustic and electric objects since the 80 ́s. His musical world embraces sounds produced by conventional music instruments as well as short-circuited video-mixers, children toys, found objects and slowly rolling Ping-pong balls. He is also the creator of the twelve-stringed experimental instrument “Flexichord”, built by strings and pickups from two electric guitars attached to a piece of solid wood.

KOPAEP 049119 SEK / 13 EUR


Side A
1. Meatus auditorius
2. Round window
3. Cymba cavum
Side B
4. Brusk
5. Øremuslingens ballet
6. Oval window
7. Tympanic membrane(eardrum)
All Music by Müntzing I Diers except “Øremuslingens ballet” by Lisbeth Diers.
Recorded at The Village Recording, Vanløse, Denmark on May 16, 2014 by Thomas Vang. Mixed by Thomas Vang, Lisbeth Diers and Herman Müntzing. Mastered by David Elberling. Cover Art by Napondesign. Produced by Müntzing I Diers.