Cennet Jönsson: Galiza

This new CD release Galiza features Scandinavian trio Cenlistho; Cennet Jönsson -soprano sax, Thommy Andersson -bass and Lisbeth Diers -percussion and voice together with the Scania Wind Quintet.

The music, composed and arranged by Cennet Jönsson, is inspired by traditional music from Galicia in the northwestern part of Spain.  A unique combination of two worlds –the classical wind quintet and a jazz trio featuring the soprano saxophone.

Cennet Jönsson - soprano sax
Thommy Andersson - double bass
Lisbeth Diers - drums, percussion & voice

Scania Wind Quitet:
Camilla N. de Agé - flute
Theophile Hartz - oboe
Anders Eriksson - clarinet
Thomas Kjelldén - French horn
Lars Wallén - bassoon

Spanish feel

KOPACD 045169 SEK / 18 EUR


1 As cigalas                              4.40
2 Pode ser                                8.17
3 As velas e a noite                  2.45
4 Por qué si?                            4.42
5 Baile de paxaros                    6.38
6 Outra vez                               5.24
7 A procesión                            6.29
8 Sono na madrugada              5.25
9 Happy Friday tune                 3.51
10 Después de la tormenta        4.03

All compositions and arrangements by Cennet Jönsson.

Recorded on December 10-11, 2013 at Gula Studion, Malmö in Sweden by David Carlsson. Mixed and premastered by David Carlsson at Chateau Burlesque, Malmö. CD master by StageTech, Limhamn.  Produced by Cennet Jönsson.