Un x pected Brazilian Project: Unite

Un x pected Brazilian Project is a result of a longtime collaboration between Mats Holtne and Anders Vestergård. During travels to Brazil and meetings with congenial musicans sharing the fascination of rhythmic complexity, the idea of doing a project based upon different melodic and rhythmic lawers to create new possibillities in form and structure.

The CD ”Unite” blends compositions of Holtne, Vestergård and Brazilian composer/saxophonist Marcelo Coelho.

Brazilian Project invites you to enjoy Emilio Martins- well-reputed percussionist, from Sao Paulo, with a deep knowledge in the musical tradition of Brazil, Fredrik Kronkvist –  altosax player, contributing with his strong melodic voice and Johnny Åman – bassplayer serving with a powerful and rhyhmic approach.

Un x pected Brazilian Project is a sextet where the music leaves an imprint from everybodys  character and background. The compositions unite modern jazz and improvised music with Brazilian rhythms in a dynamic, organic and energetic mix.

Marcelo Coelho - tenor sax
Fredrik Kronkvist - alto sax
Mats Holtne - guitarr
Johnny Åman - double bass
Anders Vestergård - drums
Emilio Martins - percussion

Sao Paulo-Lappträsk
Que Lance!
Johnny - vad gör du?

KOPACD 036169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. A Work
2. Unite
3. Figure Out
4. Lo Otro
5. Sketch on Cantos VII
6. Based on a True Story 
7. Sliding
8. Mind Waves

2,3,6 and 8 by Mats Holtne, 1 & 7 by Anders Vestergård, 4 & 5 by Marcelo Coelho. Recorded at Gula Studion, Malmö, Sweden October 10-11, 2010. Recorded and mastered by David Carlsson. Produced by Mats Holtne and Anders Vestergård.