Mats Ingvarsson: Hope

Mats Ingvarsson is a bassplayer who has acquired his musical overview from the driver seat next to the drummer in many and diverse contexts. Here he has gathered an electric quartet to inject some HOPE. His deep roots in soul and funk as well as love for acoustic jazz has led him to collect some originals and pair them with a few covers to make an eclectic album. There are guest appearances from hornplayers and Mats sings on some tracks when the quartet isn't shining on its own.

Basses, vocals and percussion: Mats Ingvarsson
Guitar: Magnus Lindeberg
Rhodes and grand piano: Maggi Olin
Drums: Daniel Fredriksson

Tenor sax: Karl-Martin Almqvist
Trumpet: Claus Højensgård Andersen
Additional tenor sax on Flesh and Bones: Christoffer Wallin

Electric jazz

KOPACD 044169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Afrotoo (M Ingvarsson)
2. Take Cover (M Ingvarsson)
3. I just want to make love to you (W Dixon)
4. Flesh and bones (M Ingvarsson)
5. In my dreams (M Ingvarsson)
6. Loser (Beck Hansen & K Stephenson)
7. Blues for CM (D Holland)
8. Snorkeling (M Ingvarsson)
9. When did you leave heaven (R A Whiting/W Bullock)


Recorded by Christoffer Wallin at LIV produktion, Malmö, assisted by Ola Hedén. Additional recordings, editing and mix by Mats Ingvarsson at Bonegoat Studio, Malmö. Mastered by David Carlsson at Chateau Burlesque, Malmö. Produced by  Mats Ingvarsson.