Lighthouse: Triple Amen

Lighthouse is a new Swedish quartet with Staffan Svensson - trumpet, Malin Wättring - tenor saxohone, Magnus Bergström - acoustic bass and Peter Danemo - drums. Peter Danemo and Malin Wättring are writing all the music and even co-write. Not so usual in jazz groups. Since there's no piano, the music has a very open sound, leaving plenty of space for the musicians involved. It's modern melodic music with a touch of Nordic melancholy.Triple Amen is the first album by this group.

Staffan Svensson - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Malin Wättring - Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet
Peter Danemo - Drums, Glockenspiel and Pump Organ
Magnus Bergström - Acoustic Bass


Chord instrument

KOPACD 053159 SEK / 15 EUR


1. Triple Amen (Danemo/Wättring)
2. Januari (Wättring)
3. Arsène Lupin (Danemo)
4. Étude In Black - Preparing (Danemo)
5. Väntan (Danemo/Wättring)
6. Kyrie IV (trad.)
7. Queen’s Parade (Wättring)
8. Wättremo (Wättring/Danemo)
9. Four Views Of A Colour (Danemo)
10. Ming (Danemo)
11. Tiny Love Song (Wättring)

Recorded at Spinroad Studios in Lindome by Pedro Ferreira on November 29-30 2018. Mixed by Peter Danemo. Mastered by David Carlsson. Produced by Lighthouse. Released with support from the Swedish Arts Council.