Double Standards: Live!

This is the third album by Double Standards. Playful, energetic and hard swinging versions of new and old standards, recorded during two exciting concerts. Live!

Cennet Jönsson soprano & tenor saxophone
Jacob Karlzon piano
Hans Andersson double bass
Peter Nilsson drums

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Free intros
Hard swinging grooves
Sweet, intense ballads

KOPACD 021169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Upper Manhattan Medical Group (Billy Strayhorn)
2. Speak Low (Weil/Nash)
3. My Man’s Gone Now (Heyward/Gershwin/)
4. I Love You (Cole Porter)
5. Mahjong (Wayne Shorter)
6. Tea For Two (Caesar/Youmans)

Recorded May 25, 2007 by Thomas Vang at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Denmark (tracks 1,2,4 & 5) and September 28, 2007 by Peter Danemo at Palladium, Malmö, Sweden (tracks 3 & 6). Mixed and mastered by David Carlsson at Chateau Burlesque, Malmö. Produced by Cennet Jönsson.

Review quotes:

"On the CD’s opening track, Upper Manhattan Medical Group, Jönsson chose to begin with a more free improvisation in a late-Coltrane manner. But after strong work by the rhythm section (pianist Karlzon is particularly impressive) Jönsson returned for a far calmer exposition of the melody. The quartet’s rubato ballad version of  My Man’s Gone Now  is focused and emotionally powerful. The closing track, an eleven-minute Tea for Two, suggests that this quartet is fully aware of the melodic potential of the strong standards they have chosen,and there is a good deal of inventive playing." - Michael Steinman/Cadence Magazine

"On the band's third album we find extended (10-17 mins) and creative interpretations of six jazz classics, all recorded live. The group, with the marvellous pianist Jacob Karlzon, bassist Hans Andersson and drummer Peter Nilsson, stray away from the sentimentality of Strayhorn, Porter and Gershwin, instead they cultivate a different approach and come up with unexpected results. A highlight is Kurt Weill´s Speak Low, which is restricted only in the number of notes, not in emotions. I´ve never heard Cennet play better tenor than this, and the piano playing is just as great."  
 Fem - Martin Erlandsson/Hallands Nyheter

"This group, fronted by saxophonist Cennet Jönsson and pianist Jacob Karlzon, is rightfully established as one of Sweden’s finest interpreters ofstandards. With intensity, intelligence and love, the quartet takes matters in to their own hands in Speak Low, My Man’s Gone Now, Tea For Two and other goodies. This is real jazz, and in this case, it actually feels like jazz music was just born…"
 - Ulf Johansson/Göteborgs-Posten

 "This Swedish quartet manages to reach a level of intensity, especially in the rhythmically emphasised pieces like Upper Manhattan Medical Group and I Love You, that we´re not used to hear from our own Danish groups. This is mainly thanks to Karlzon and Nilsson. Karlzon with an at times almost overwhelming output, that never goes out of control and Nilsson, who plays with a sparkling explosiveness, but never loses his  impeccable timing. Karlzon also knows how to express himself with nuanced restriction, something that can be heard in the gorgeously beautiful version of Tea For Two, here – surprisingly – performed as a rubato ballad."
- Boris Rabinowitsch/Politiken 

"Among other songs, this album contains Wayne Shorter´s Mahjong in a smokingly trashy version and a truly gentle and dream-like interpretation of Tea For Two. The quartet’s virtuosic, personal and unpredictable way of approaching standards is some of the most interesting music on the Swedish jazz scene."
- Alexander Agrell/Sydsvenskan