Footloose: Imprints

Footloose consists of guitarist Mats Holtne, bassist Mattias Hjorth and drummer Peter Nilsson. Their cd-debut "IMPRINTS" consists of 13 collective improvisations. The group's expressions and sounds are original and innovative, and there is a wide dynamic range in spite of the small format. Music that lives and breathes!

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Free form
Sound experiments
Melodic improvisation

KOPACD 005169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Imprint I
2. Imprint II
3. Imprint III
4. Imprint IV
5. Imprint V
6. Imprint VI
7. Imprint VII
8. Imprint VIII
9. Imprint IX
10. Imprint X
11. Imprint XI
12. Imprint XII
13. Imprint XIII


Review quotes:

"..Footloose is a promising trio.." "This certainly is a captivating CD."
- Simon Classens/

"Imprints is well played with a conception of music separated by seconds of silence, which allows tracks to fly in between the connective sounds and pick-up tempos. Exploration is the basis of improvisation. This release is all about improvisation."
- Ana Isabel Ordonez/

"..this is clear from the ease in which these 13 performances (or ‘Imprints’) unfurl and unfold. There is also a sense of symmetry to the whole conception, with the slow, meditative and mostly serene playing on the first sides being matched for mood by the final cut, Imprint 13.

The Frisell inclined, pedal steel suggesting twang of Holtne’s Gibson starts off the recording. It embarks on a slow, almost inert meander, and despite an occasional power chord eruption, the mood and texture is retained into the second piece, although by this time bass and drums are building a little more by way of forward momentum. On Imprint 4, though, a sense of stasis is almost achieved, while on the following couple of improvisations the switch to the acoustic instrument enables Holtne to demonstrate his classical background and facility.."

"..on Imprint 3 the volume is upped considerably and Holtne plays more aggressively over busy bass and roiling drums. Holtne also brings to mind the late Sonny Sharrock and the Pat Metheny of ‘Zero tolerance for silence’ infame on Imprint 10, where his more violent and energised work is underpinned by excellent bowed, then pizzicato, playing from Hjorth. There’s also some more declamatory, power chording on Imprint 9, while Holtne goes partly loopy on Imprint 7.

Throughout proceedings, bassist Mattias Hjorth is consistently sure footed, as is drummer Peter Nilsson whose cymbal washes on Imprint 8 stoke real forward movement. Several years of playing together has also certainly enabled the three to instinctively know when to let the music breathe on its own and not to rush to fill every space." "..these are skilled and evolving musicians who have a supportive label and home land. I look forward to their next recorded imprints.
-Mike Hodges/Jazz Views

Footloose  Photo: Ninja Agborn
Photo: Ninja Agborn