Plunge: With Bobo Stenson

This, the second release by Plunge, features the collaboration between the trio (Andreas Andersson plays saxophones, Mattias Hjorth bass, and Peter Nilsson drums) and renowned Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson.  The music on this disc is a combination of collective improvisations and original compositions. This music is based on interplay, imagination and improvisation!

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Improvised Music
Nice Melodies
Twisting & Turning

KOPACD 007169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Lingua Franca
2. Wrestler
3. Back And Forth
4. Prolog
5. 12 Tones Old
6. Three Characters
7. Humble Rumble
8. Levitation
9. Castor
10. Gears
11. A Moment Of Clarity
12. Dense Image
13. Visit By Onkel Time
14. Ethos Gives Posture

Review quotes:

"Andersson’s playing is free-flowing and lyrical.." "As an improvising group, they are well attuned to each other. " "..Hjorth and Nilsson provide flexible and stimulating support play that drives and challenges the sax player. This is true even on slower-paced, more reflective pieces such as Hjorth’s Castor. And when Andersson really cuts loose, the experience is simply exhilarating." "..the Plunge album has plenty to recommend it."
- John Eyles/One final note

"This urgency is what is ultimately satisfying. The ever-present forward movement and direction end up inviting the listener, along with a hint of tonality that hovers over the proceedings. Based on this highly recommended release, we can look forward to Plunge’s continued recordings, with or without Bobo Stenson."
- Budd Kopman/All About Jazz

"Much of this reminds me of those great recordings by the Garbarek/Stenson Quartet, yet without the ECM icy sound. Andreas Andersson has a strong, warm sound on baritone sax, as well as a sly, sublime tone on soprano sax. This music often has a laid back, spacious  and lyrical quality to it." "The quartet play well together, anticipating each other very well, moving in waves at times. Sometimes haunting, sometimes delicate. The four pieces written by individual members or by a trio are especially fine as they resonate with enchanting melodies. This fine endeavor could have been a contender for ECM catalog of gems.." "Don´t miss out on this one."
- Bruce Gallanter/Dowtown Music Gallery

"The music is a mix between collective improvisation and more strictly structured tunes and quite a lot of infinitely beautiful pastoral moods. Andreas Andersson is an exciting, powerful and sensitive saxophonist. Mattias Hjorth lets his bass sing with nordic melancholy and Peter Nilsson, drums ceases the moment. And in the centre of all this, the masterful Stenson cherishes and provides impulses and adds to the wholeness which is ticklingly beautiful."
-Bo Levander/Jönköpingsposten