Double Standards: Volume Two

This CD "Volume Two",  the second album by Double Standards, features a set of 7 standards, beautifully interpreted by the quartet. Exciting and sensitive playing!

Cennet Jönsson   Jacob Karlzon   Hans Andersson   Peter Nilsson
saxophones piano bass drums

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Spontaneous interplay
High energy
Beautiful ballads

KOPACD 009169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. Solar (Miles Davis)
2. Body And Soul (Green/Heyman/Sour/Eyton)
3. Afro Blue (Mongo Santamaria)
4. Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron)
5. Old Folks (Brel/Blau/Shuman)
6. Nefertiti (WayneShorter)
7. Peace (Horace Silver)

Recorded at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg January 10&11 2005 by Christian Odeholm. Mixed by David Carlsson. Mastered by Daniel Fossum at Digitalfabriken. Produced by Cennet Jönsson and Peter Nilsson.

Review Quotes:

" This is music with muscle but also plenty of intellect. There are no dull moments, no routine playing, and instead a strong, in-the-moment live feeling. It's simultaneously expressive and thoughtful, down-to-earth and abstract; never cold or theoretical, not afraid of being beautiful. ..there’s a delightfully fresh “first-take” feeling. Jönsson's considerable gifts are complemented by pianist Jacob Karlzon’s distinctive melodic approach, while Hans Andersson’s flexible bass playing ties everything together. Drummer Peter Nilsson, with his heavily accented playing, creates his own rhythmic symphony within each song. The band name Double Standards corresponds well to the level of the music the quartet plays. Body and soul? Yes, they have it both. But brains and spirit sums it up even better. " - Annika Westman/All About Jazz

"Double Standards succeeds in an animated way both to renew melodies having been played for decades by jazz musicians, and to govern the tradition. The quartet is one of the most exciting bands in the country today."
- Torsten Eckermann/Lira

"The performance of afroblue is one of reckless collective energy reminiscent of Coltrane-Tyner-Garrison-Jones. Peace gets an extra special aura thanks to Karlzon's highly sensitive, impressionistic introduction. A solid piece of work by experienced musicians who manage to breathe fresh air into these older and more modern standards."  
- Per Wikén/Orkesterjournalen

"They give SolarBody And Soul and Peace excellent interpretations. Cennet's soprano sax evokes a defining brightness giving the band a personal character. He uses the tenor sax to tackle the sensitive ballad Old Folks, executed with sublime tone as well. The rhythmic dimensions in the quartet are (also) captivating (for instance) when Jacob Karlzon's dynamic piano touch helps keeping the groove at fever pitch - well played. As a soloist his sense of form is a marvel no matter what the tempo. The playing on Horace Silver's Peace is magnificent. Hans Andersson's basslines give air and vigour as always. He also displays an elegant side as a soloist on Peace. Peter Nilsson's excursions on the drumkit inject inspired, sparky accents. The overall picture - This group should be a given attraction at jazzfestivals where jazz is being played without hired birds."  
 -Göran Olson/

"..Jönsson and his cohorts have torn down the entire fence, let the conventional go in favor of freedom in regards to architectural structure, tempo and rhythms. Full flow of energy, highly recommended!" 
- Hans-Erik Bergman/Sundsvalls Tidning  

"An excellent sequel to "Volume One", from Miles Davis´ Solar to Wayne Shorter´s Nefertiti via (the older) Body And Soul. I doubt that anyone in this country interprets standards more fruitfully than sax player Jönsson, pianist Karlzon and the judicious rhythm section, bass player Hans Andersson and drummer Peter Nilsson." 
Bäst just nu... - Ulf Johansson/ Göteborgs-Posten

Double Standards  Foto: Ninja Agborn
Double Standards 
Foto: Ninja Agborn