Henrik Frisk´s Pli

Henrik Frisk’s Pli  is:

Almaz Yebio - voice
Marcelo Gabard Pazos - saxophones, clarinet
Henrik Frisk - saxophones, laptop, composer/arranger
Morten Carlsen (DK) - tenor saxophone, taragot, clarinet
Jakob Riis (DK) - trombone, laptop
Samuel Hällkvist - guitar
Sten Sandell - piano, voice, electronics
Nils Ölmedal - double bass
David Carlsson - electric bass
Peter Nilsson - drums

Pli is about freedom without responsibility. It is about traveling from A to C without passing by B. Star Wars and Leibniz are sources of inspiration. Folded spaces that allows for movement across boundaries disregarding spatial linearity. Pli is a collective of some of my favorite musicians and we will play new and old music with interpretations of freedom being the (only)  overruling principle.

The group performed on October 1 at Victoriateatern in Malmö during KOPAfestival 2009.

Check out the following songs from the concert at Youtube:
Like Someone... , Singing The Blues and Friday Intro