Lisbeth Diers Chime Moto

Danish percussionist Lisbeth Diers' »Chime» was formed in 2004 and has made two releases with two different setups. In 2005  the CD »Chime»  was released. The second CD »Chime Transform» was released in 2010. 

Chime Moto – is the name of her most recent project - "to harmonise in movement, pace and life, in composition and improvisation, with many contrasting expressions". 

The music in Chime Moto is built around the expanded rhythm section, where Diers has integratet the duo Katapult - in which she collaborates with Swedish percussionist Göran Kroon.

Most of the music originates from the last couple of years and has only been performed twice; in the summer of 2010 by Chime »Groove Edition» at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and most recently by Diers »Ice X Quintet».

Chime Moto consists of:
Staffan Svensson - trumpet, electronics
Cennet Jönsson - saxes, bass clarinet
Soma Allpass - cello
Jonas Berg - piano, keyboard
Johnny Åman - bass
Lisbeth Diers - percussion, drums, samples, vocal
Göran Kroon - percussion, drums, samples, vibraphone

Lisbeth Diers Chime Moto performed at Victoriateatern in Malmö on October 11 during KOPAfestival 2011.