Loïc Dequidt Quartet feat. Tommy Smith

In the fall of 2007 the French pianist Loïc Dequidt formed a new quartet, 
featuring the Scottish sax star and a Swedish rhythm section of the 
highest caliber. He composed new music for this occasion and the group made a tour of Sweden and recorded the album "Nomade", released on Kopasetic!

Tommy Smith - saxophone
Loïc Dequidt - piano
Mattias Hjorth -  double bass
Peter Nilsson - drums

Loïc Dequidt got his education in France and Italy, studying jazz, 
classical harmony and Indian tabla - from masters in each field. He 
has established himself on the European jazz scene as a soloist, 
sideman, composer and bandleader. He moved to Sweden in 2003, a move that has also affected his music.

Loïc Dequidt and Tommy Smith first played together in 1994 in Lille, 
France. Since then, they have done various projects and performed in 
France, Belgium, Scotland and Yemen.

Mattias Hjorth and Peter Nilsson are - together or separately - some 
of the most in demand rhythm section players in Sweden.

This new quartet is something of a dream team for Dequidt and the four 
members really found each other musically from the very first moment. 
Their music combines the energy in jazz and Nordic airiness. Each 
composition has its own story and influences - from Gipsy and 
Ethiopian music to Scandinavian jazz - and it might be a good image of 
Dequidt's own musical personality as of today.