Un x pected Brazilian Project

In Brazilian mega-city Sao Paulo, containing perhaps the largest and most creative music scene in the world, musical styles are shaped and mixed  to form exciting new music that all to seldom reaches Scandinavia. Un-x-pected Quartet has invited two fantastic musicians; Emilio Martins - percussion and Marcelo Coelho - saxophone, to explore new grounds. The group presents compositions by all the members featuring Brazilian grooves as well as open improvisations.

Un x pected  Brazilian Project performed on October 12 at Victoriateatern in Malmö during KOPAfestival 2010.

Fredrik Kronkvist - alto sax
Marcelo Coelho (BRA) - tenor sax
Mats Holtne - guitar
Johnny Åman - double bass
Emilio Martins (BRA) - percussion
Anders Vestergård - drums