Anders Nilsson´s Aorta

Anders Nilsson´s AORTA is:

Anders Nilsson - electric guitar 
Mattias Carlson - saxophones, flute & effects 
David Carlsson - electric bass
Peter Nilsson - drums ­

The group's latest CD "Janus" is available now!

”BLOOD” is the first record under Anders Nilsson’s name. Of it he says:


"The members of this band have all played together in various contexts for many years, so there is a rich language, a strong musical identity, and a creative, artistic attitude among the four of us. This makes for our music being strong and dynamic with lots of room for stylistic crossings and interesting musical ideas with all kinds of referential overtones. We improvise a lot together and employ our full spectrum when we play together. I love making music that has an uncensored flow and that assents and gives room for the energy in the cracks between established musical worlds."