Cennet Jönsson Galiza Group

Cennet Jönsson Galiza Group is a newly formed international constellation with musicians based in La Coruña in the northwestern part of Spain. The quartet presents music by Cennet Jönsson. Melodic and rhythmically exciting compositions influenced by latinjazz, afrogrooves and nordic jazz.

Cennet Jönsson (SE) - sax
Sergio Delgado (CUBA) - keyboard
Risto Vuolanne (FIN) - double bass
Naima Acuña (ESP) - drums

Here´s the Spanish tourplan for 2014:

February 20 at 22:00.- Borriquita de Belém in Santiago de Compostela
February 21 at 23:00 -  La Terazza de Sada
February 22 at 22:00 - Jazz Filloa in La Coruña

The premiere took place at jazzclub Filloa in La Coruña on May 31 2013:


Naima Acuña

Sergio Delgado

Risto Vuolanne