Andersson/Nilsson/Anderskov: Triofolded

This is the CD-debut from the trio of Andersson/Nilsson/Anderskov. The music is improvised and covers a wide range of expression. It can be both multi-directional and minimalist, melodious and abstract, rhythmic or floating. The trio also uses the interesting dynamic of the individual vs. the collective as part of their approach, which makes both patience and obstinacy useful parameters - a music of tension and release! 

Thommy Andersson - bass
Peter Nilsson - drums
Jacob Anderskov - piano


KOPACD 033169 SEK / 18 EUR


1. I seg int ommä 
2. Välesehe 
3. Harta borti harta jär brano å harta borti hä jer..
4. He gäll int annä  
5. Nalta 
6. Si-att 
7. He 
8. Sugljud
9. Tjoller 
10. Wors jär a´Jazzn?  
11. Båttn

Recorded on June 24th 2009 at On Location Studio, Copenhagen by Thomas Vang. Mixed and mastered by John Fomsgård at Karmakrew, Copenhagen.

Review quotes: 

"This masterful recording by Danish bassist Thommy Andersson and pianist Jacob Anderskov, plus Swedish drummer Peter Nilsson—each of them a leader in his own right—presents a Nordic interpretation of free improvised music. The focus of the trio is not on energetic, dense and fiery playing but on the intensity of responsive and patient interplay, tonal richness, and changing dynamics, where the leader of each improvisation is challenged by the other players in true democratic manner, free of any hierarchy. Triofolded features eleven short improvisations, all recorded on the same day in June, 2009 in Copenhagen. All present the wide expressive strategies of each of these highly experienced and creative musicians, and of the trio as a sympathetic collective. Each improvisation moves between a few moods and colors, as demonstrated by the opener I seg int ommä, that begins as a simple ballad, transforms into an abstract improvisation on the cymbals and matures as a spare duet between bass and drums. On the improvisations Välesehe and He gäll int annä, concrete sounds produced by arco bass and ethereal drums and piano set the distant atmosphere of collective interplay. On Harta borti harta jär brano å harta borti hä jer nalta, Nalta and Tjoller, Andersson dictates a rhythmic groove and the basic structure of the improvisation but Nilsson and Anderskov keep challenging him, each one developing Andersson's rhythmic theme differently, letting his own playing to dissolve again and again until the rhythmic groove takes over and blossoms as a mutual melodic playing. Si-att is a beautiful, nuanced drum solo, followed by abstract and minimalist interplay of bass and drums on He patiently gains momentum, as the trio, through responsive interplay, researches the possibilities of trio improvisation. On the short Sugljud and Wors jär a´Jazzn? Anderskov focuses on the silent gaps in his minimalist solo playing and the tension that this silence evokes. The closing improvisation, Båttn, is a slow, spare bass solo that highlights the deep tones of this expressive instrument. Triofolded is a true and deep demonstration of creative art that is totally improvised in the moment."
- Eyal Hareuveni/All About Jazz

Thommy Andersson (bass), Jacob Anderskov (pi) & Peter Nilsson (dr)  Photo: Liva Akselbo Andersson
Thommy Andersson (bass), Jacob Anderskov (pi) & Peter Nilsson (dr) 
Photo: Liva Akselbo Andersson